Exact Cash Amount Only – No refunds pursuant to NMRA LR13-124

**No financial transactions will be accepted after 4:00 pm**

Cost of Filing Cases with the Court

Civil Cases$132.00
Domestic Relations Cases$137.00
Domestic Violence CasesFree
Adoption Cases$132.00
Probate Cases$132.00
Magistrate Civil Appeal Cases$132.00
Magistrate Criminal Appeal Cases$35.00
Municipal Criminal Appeal Cases$20.00
Unemployment/Workforce Solutions Appeal CasesFree
Jury Demands (6 person)$150.00
Jury Demands (12 person)$300.00
Audio Duplication/CD/Tape$4.00/Audio Duplication/Tape/CD
Microfilm Copy$.50/Page
Certification Copy Seal$1.50/Each
Exemplified Copy Seal$4.50/Each
Fax Fees (In-State)$2.50/Page
Fax Fees (Out-of-State)$5.00/Page
PostageActual cost
Scanning Fee (Jury, etc.)$0.35/Page
Envelope Fee (Jury, etc.)$0.41/Each

The forms offered by the Thirteenth Judicial District Court are NOT intended as a substitute for legal advice; it is recommended you seek the advice of an attorney if you have legal questions. The Thirteenth Judicial District Court has monthly pro se clinics in each county, ask the Clerk’s Office for more information. The forms listed below can be accessed for free from the District Court’s website, thirteenthdistrictcourt.nmcourts.gov, or are available in the Clerk’s Office for the amounts listed below.

Form Packets Fees

Divorce (Getting Started Packet)$5.00
Getting a Default Divorce$5.00
Name Change$5.00
Kinship/Guardianship of Minor$5.00
Guardianship/Conservatorship of Adult$5.00
Getting a Default Judgment$5.00
Restoring Driver’s License$5.00
Complaint for Civil Restraining Order$5.00
Notice of Appeal (Lower Court and Most Agencies)$5.00
All Domestic Violence Forms
Application for Free Process Forms
Answer Forms
General Motion, DM Motion to Modify and Motion/Order to Show Cause Forms
Objects to Recommendations of Hearing Officer/Special Commissioner
Registration of Foreign Decree
Request for Hearing/Notice of Hearing
Request for Interpreter/Cancellation of Interpreter
Request for Mediation (Civil or Domestic)
Service by Publication
Unemployment/Workforce Solutions Appeal