Mediation is a traditional “problem-solving” process conducted by trained, experienced mediators who may, but are not required to be, attorneys.

This facilitative process focuses on clarifying positions and identifying the interests and unmet needs of the parties, often with the goal is to preserve the relationship as well as resolve the case.

The Domestic Matters Mediation Program is available throughout the 13th Judicial District for cases involving child custody, support, visitation and/or property issues. These cases are mediated by experienced mediators appointed by the Court. Mediation is a confidential process. All communications, verbal or written, from the parties to the mediator cannot be used in a court hearing. In cases involving disputes over child custody or visitation, parents meet with the mediator to develop a parenting plan that both meets their individual needs and is in the best interest of their child(ren). The mediator may ask the parties to fill out a Mediation Questionnaire prior to the first mediation session. They may also suggest the parties review co-parenting guidelines to help with the development of a parenting plan.

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